5 Fingers 1952

During WWII the valet to the British Ambassador to Ankara sells British secrets to the Germans while trying to romance a refugee Polish countess.

All Titles
  • Пять пальцев
  • Operation Cicero
  • Der Fall Cicero
  • AR: Cinco dedos Cinco dedos
  • AT: Der Fall Cicero Der Fall Cicero
  • BE: De zaak Cicero De zaak Cicero
  • BE: L'affaire Cicéron L'affaire Cicéron
  • BR: Cinco Dedos Cinco Dedos
  • BR: 5 Dedos 5 Dedos
  • BG: Пет пръста Пет пръста
  • CA: 5 Fingers 5 Fingers
  • DK: Operation Cicero Operation Cicero
  • FI: Operaatio Cicero Operaatio Cicero
  • FR: L'affaire Cicéron L'affaire Cicéron
  • GR: Ypothesis Kikeron Ypothesis Kikeron
  • HU: Öt ujj Öt ujj
  • IT: Operazione Cicero Operazione Cicero
  • PL: Kryptonim Cicero Kryptonim Cicero
  • PT: O Caso Cícero O Caso Cícero
  • RO: 5 Degete 5 Degete
  • ES: Operación Cicerón Operación Cicerón
  • SE: Affären Cicero Affären Cicero
  • TR: Ankara casusu Ankara casusu
  • UA: Five Fingers Five Fingers
  • VE: Cinco dedos Cinco dedos
  • YU: 5 Prstiju 5 Prstiju
Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Artists James Mason
as Ulysses Diello
Release date 07 Mar 1952
Genre Drama Film-Noir Thriller
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