$5 a Day 2008

The son of a thrifty conman begrudgingly joins his father on the road.

All Titles
  • Five Dollars a Day
  • Five Dollars More
  • CA: Un Amour de père Un Amour de père
  • FR: Un amour de père Un amour de père
  • DE: 5 Dollars a Day 5 Dollars a Day
  • GR: Me 5$ tin imera Me 5$ tin imera
  • IT: 5 dollari al giorno 5 dollari al giorno
  • LT: Penki doleriai per dieną Penki doleriai per dieną
  • PT: A Culpa Não Foi Minha! A Culpa Não Foi Minha!
  • RU: Пять долларов в день Пять долларов в день
Directed by Nigel Cole
Artists Sharon Stone
as Dolores Jones
Christopher Walken
as Nat Parker
Dean Cain
as Rick Carlson
Release date 11 Jan 2009
Genre Comedy Drama
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