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A Tiger's Tale
1987 (3 posters)
I kyria kai o protaris
The Verne Miller Story
1987 (2 posters)
War Cat
1987 (1 poster)
Angel of Vengeance
Wild Thing
1987 (1 poster)
Asphalt Kid
1988 (3 posters)
"Police Academy"
1988 (1 poster)
Police Academy: The Animated Series
Gatorbait II: Cajun Justice
1988 (1 poster)
Abrechnung im Dschungel
The Appointments of Dennis Jennings
1988 (1 poster)
Blue City Slammers
1988 (1 poster)
The Cat Came Back
1988 (1 poster)
Animation Greats!
Cyborg, il guerriero d'acciaio
1989 (3 posters)
Cy Warrior
Doctor Hackenstein
1988 (1 poster)
Dr. Hackenstein
Going Hollywood: The War Years
1988 (1 poster)
Hollywoodin sotavuodet
Hard Rock Nightmare
1988 (1 poster)
Das Mikroskop
1988 (1 poster)
The Microscope
Mirai Ninja
1988 (1 poster)
Cyber Ninja
Murder One
1988 (1 poster)
Assassinat en primer grau
Never Say Die
1988 (1 poster)
Kieltäydy kuolemasta
Niezwykla podróz Baltazara Kobera
1988 (1 poster)
Les tribulations de Balthazar Kober
Nightmare Beach
1989 (4 posters)
Nightmare Beach - la spiaggia del ter...
Welcome to Spring Break