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Frontier Woman
1956 (5 posters)
Pellirosse alla frontiera
Goubbiah, mon amour
1956 (3 posters)
Fuga nel sole
Hotel Adlon
1955 (1 poster)
Elämän kuvastin
Ihr Leibregiment
1955 (2 posters)
I prigipissa kai o ypaspistis
1955 (1 poster)
Last of the Desperados
1955 (1 poster)
The Lone Journey
1955 (1 poster)
Il mantello rosso
1955 (1 poster)
Le manteau rouge
La meloda misteriosa
1956 (1 poster)
Ce soir les souris dansent
Mercado de abasto
1955 (1 poster)
1954 (8 posters)
Opowiesc atlantycka
1955 (1 poster)
Una parigina a Roma
1954 (1 poster)
Begegnung in Rom
Il principe dalla maschera rossa
1955 (2 posters)
L'aigle rouge
Quando tramonta il sole
1955 (1 poster)
Railway Platform
1955 (1 poster)
Raising a Riot
1955 (2 posters)
Ferien mit Papa
Prigionieri del male
1955 (1 poster)
Prisonniers du mal
1955 (1 poster)
Uran Khatola
1955 (10 posters)
Udaan Khatola
Udan Khatola