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Après l'amour
1948 (1 poster)
Dopo l'amore
Chistye prudy
1965 (1 poster)
Clean Ponds
Citadela sfarîmata
1957 (2 posters)
1970 (1 poster)
Corbari - natsien kauhu
2001 (1 poster)
Dni Turbinykh
1976 (5 posters)
Дни Турбиных
Frauen, die für Sex bezahlen
1974 (1 poster)
Sex Service
Matros s Komety
1958 (1 poster)
A Sailor from 'The Comet'
La mazurka del barone, della santa e del fico fiorone
1975 (3 posters)
La mazurka du Baron
Moses: From Birth to Burning Bush
1993 (1 poster)
Animated Stories from the Bible: Mose...
No Exit
1996 (2 posters)
Horis epistrofi
1999 (1 poster)
Lilla syster
Little Nurse
2000 (1 poster)
"Sadie, It's Cold Outside"
1975 (1 poster)
"Zhada hlavolamu"
1969 (2 posters)
Mystery of the Conundrum
The Avengers
1950 (2 posters)
Badman's Gold
1951 (1 poster)
1977 (1 poster)
"Diario di un maestro"
1973 (1 poster)
Doublecross on Costa's Island
1997 (2 posters)
Diastavromena pyra