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Crema cioccolato e pa...prika
1981 (1 poster)
Daag: A Poem of Love
1973 (4 posters)
The Stain
The Stigma
"Days of Hope"
1975 (1 poster)
Meres elpidas
Dear Jesse
1998 (1 poster)
Deti na zakázku
1938 (1 poster)
Children to Order
Do Sher
1974 (5 posters)
Two Lions
Le dolmen tragique
1948 (2 posters)
I due assi del guantone
1971 (1 poster)
Oi dyo assoi tou ring
1952 (2 posters)
Ek Aadmi
1988 (1 poster)
Mr. X
1941 (1 poster)
Champ maudit
Onkruidzaaiers in Fabeltjesland
1970 (1 poster)
Weedsowers in Fableland
The Face on the Barroom Floor
1932 (2 posters)
To zontano ptoma
The First Robin
1939 (1 poster)
The Flying Fool
1931 (2 posters)
Fresh Laid Plans
1951 (1 poster)
1978 (1 poster)
Les gaîtés de la finance
1935 (1 poster)
The Golden West
1939 (1 poster)
L'habit vert
1937 (1 poster)
A Casaca Verde
Den gröna fracken
Un immortale su misura