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Slave of Pleasure
1978 (2 posters)
A Escravatura do Sexo
The Story of Prunella
1982 (2 posters)
The Perils of Prunella
Swinging Sorority
1976 (1 poster)
Swinging Sorority Girls
1976 (3 posters)
I Feel It Rising
That Lady from Rio
1976 (1 poster)
That's My Daughter
1983 (1 poster)
In Search of Angel
Tobacco Roody
1972 (2 posters)
Lust auf hei▀e Lippen
Il trionfo di Robin Hood
1962 (3 posters)
El triunfo de Robin Hood
Vous n'avez rien ├á d├ęclarer?
1959 (1 poster)
Why Sailors Leave Home
1930 (1 poster)
1937 (3 posters)
Les yeux de l'amour
1959 (1 poster)
Amanti nelle tenebre
1951 (3 posters)
Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
1958 (5 posters)
Deti Don-Kikhota
1965 (1 poster)
Enas iros me padoufles
1958 (1 poster)
A Hero in His Sleepers
Mat i machekha
1964 (3 posters)
Mother and Stepmother
Occhio alla perestrojka
1990 (1 poster)
Ottsy i dedy
1982 (2 posters)
The Sea Fiend
1936 (1 poster)