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Chez nous
1978 (1 poster)
Chong tian pao
1978 (2 posters)
Heroic Ones
Soul Collector
The Inheritor of Kung Fu
Chorus Call
1979 (4 posters)
Gymno balleto
The Comedy of Errors
1978 (1 poster)
La comedia de las equivocaciones
Daku Aur Jawan
1978 (4 posters)
The Dark Secret of Harvest Home
1978 (1 poster)
It Rained All Night the Day I Left
1980 (1 poster)
2 affreux sur le sable
Disposta a tutto
1977 (1 poster)
Ready for Anything
Donde hay patrón...
1978 (1 poster)
A Dream of Passion
1978 (3 posters)
Kravyi yinekon
Due pezzi di pane
1979 (1 poster)
Happy Hobos
Das Einhorn
1978 (1 poster)
The Unicorn
El Paso Wrecking Corp.
1978 (1 poster)
Eutanasia di un amore
1978 (1 poster)
Break Up
Les filles du régiment
1978 (1 poster)
Forza Italia!
1978 (1 poster)
Der Führerschein
1979 (1 poster)
1978 (1 poster)
Goodbye, Franklin High
1978 (1 poster)
1978 (1 poster)