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A Cruz de Ferro
1968 (1 poster)
The Iron Cross
The Destructors
1968 (1 poster)
Epagelmaties saboter
Det er så synd for farmand
1968 (3 posters)
What a Pity About Daddy
Kol Mamzer Melech
1968 (1 poster)
Every Bastard a King
Gente d'onore
1967 (1 poster)
Vom Tod begleitet
Die grosse Treibjagd
1968 (1 poster)
The Last Mercenary
Hell Raiders
1968 (1 poster)
L'homme qui ment
1968 (1 poster)
Hot Spur
1968 (4 posters)
Fiery Spur
Hrabina Cosel
1968 (1 poster)
Countess Cosel
Ich spreng' euch alle in die Luft
1968 (1 poster)
Der Superbulle
Italian Secret Service
1968 (1 poster)
Les russes ne boiront pas de Coca Cola!
Joe... cercati un posto per morire!
1968 (1 poster)
Find a Place to Die
Kyokatsu koso Waga Jinsei
1968 (1 poster)
Blackmail Is My Business
The Lustful Turk
1968 (1 poster)
My Third Wife, George
1968 (2 posters)
My Third Wife by George
Nobody's Perfect
1968 (1 poster)
In gamba... marinaio!
Nocturno 29
1968 (1 poster)
Nocturn 29
Oedipus the King
1968 (1 poster)
Onna ukiyo buro
1969 (4 posters)
Sadistic Violence to 10 Virgins