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Four Shall Die
1940 (2 posters)
Condemned Men
On the Spot
1940 (2 posters)
Detectives em Duas Cores
One Crowded Night
1940 (3 posters)
It's Later Than You Think
The Shadow
1940 (3 posters)
Le fantôme du cirque
Stage to Chino
1940 (4 posters)
Den stora diligensjakten
Young Bill Hickok
1940 (5 posters)
Gambling Daughters
1941 (2 posters)
The Professor's Gamble
The Great American Broadcast
1941 (8 posters)
Addio Broadway!
Moon Over Her Shoulder
1941 (1 poster)
Escola de Maridos
Mr. and Mrs. North
1942 (1 poster)
One Night in Lisbon
1941 (1 poster)
En nat i Lissabon
Sheriff of Tombstone
1941 (5 posters)
Ladrões de Minas
Below the Border
1942 (3 posters)
Don Winslow of the Navy
1942 (3 posters)
O Marinheiro Invencível
King of the Mounties
1942 (2 posters)
O Vulcão da Morte
Thunder River Feud
1942 (2 posters)
1942 (3 posters)
The War Against Mrs. Hadley
1942 (1 poster)
Kriget mot mrs. Hadley
Cheyenne Roundup
1943 (4 posters)
Meta tin prodosian
The Ghost Rider
1943 (1 poster)
Spökryttaren från prärien