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Hard Luck
1921 (1 poster)
Fortuna avversa
Half-a-Dollar Bill
1924 (2 posters)
Der kleine Steuermann
Woman to Woman
1923 (1 poster)
De mujer a mujer
A Social Celebrity
1926 (3 posters)
Disfrutando a Alta Sociedade
While London Sleeps
1926 (1 poster)
Rin-Tin-Tin unter Verbrechern
The Drop Kick
1927 (4 posters)
Festas da Curia
1927 (1 poster)
The Awakening
1928 (3 posters)
Armastuse sümfoonia
1928 (1 poster)
La petite marchande d'allumettes
1928 (1 poster)
The Little Match Girl
The Great Divide
1929 (1 poster)
Il bandito e la signorina
Voice of the City
1929 (3 posters)
The Wolf Song
1929 (4 posters)
Das Lied der Berge
Sarah and Son
1930 (1 poster)
Ambassador Bill
1931 (5 posters)
Embaixador sem Cerimónia
The Sky Raiders
1931 (1 poster)
Oi iptamenoi peiratai
Dance Team
1932 (1 poster)
Is My Face Red?
1932 (2 posters)
Otona no miru ehon - Umarete wa mita keredo
1932 (2 posters)
I Was Born, But...
Clancy of the Mounted
1933 (1 poster)
Epi ta ihni ton dolofonon