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Sudden Bill Dorn
1937 (3 posters)
Swing That Cheer
1938 (1 poster)
I tre desideri
1937 (1 poster)
The Three Wishes
Two Gun Justice
1938 (2 posters)
Justiça Aberrante
Up the River
1938 (1 poster)
Vi som går scenvägen
1938 (1 poster)
We from the Theatre
Les bateliers de la Volga
1935 (1 poster)
The Volga Boatman
Volochayevskiye dni
1938 (4 posters)
The Defense of Volochayevsk
We're Going to Be Rich
1938 (1 poster)
Seremos Milionários
Western Trails
1938 (1 poster)
When G-Men Step In
1938 (1 poster)
Adelfiki thysia
Éducation de prince
1938 (1 poster)
Een prins wordt opgevoed
1939 (1 poster)
Aufruhr in Damaskus
1939 (1 poster)
Tumult in Damascus
Blue Montana Skies
1939 (4 posters)
Calling All Marines
1939 (1 poster)
Code of the Streets
1939 (2 posters)
1938 (2 posters)
Affair Lafont
Les soeurs Garnier
Outside the Three-Mile Limit
1940 (1 poster)
Mutiny of the Seas
D III 38
1939 (1 poster)
D III 88: The New German Air Force At...