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The Miracle of the Hills
1959 (1 poster)
Onna to kaizoku
1959 (1 poster)
The Woman and the Pirate
Solntse svetit vsem
1959 (2 posters)
The Sun Shines for All
The Sun Shines for Everybody
Un trono para Cristy
1960 (1 poster)
Ein Thron fĂźr Christine
Valurile Dunarii
1959 (1 poster)
The Danube Waves
Café de Chinitas
1960 (1 poster)
Chien de pique
1960 (3 posters)
Jack of Spades
Csutak és a szürke ló
1961 (1 poster)
Faja lobbi
1960 (1 poster)
Fiery Love
Symphony of the Tropics
1960 (1 poster)
The Face
La morte saison des amours
1961 (1 poster)
The Season for Love
1961 (1 poster)
Recours en grâce
1960 (2 posters)
Recourse in Grace
Tra due donne
La strada dei giganti
1960 (1 poster)
Road of the Giants
Valley of the Doomed
Tre önskningar
1960 (1 poster)
Kolme toivetta
Vida privada de Fulano de Tal, La
1960 (1 poster)
Amíg holnap lesz
1961 (1 poster)
Los atracadores
1962 (1 poster)
La cumparsita
1961 (1 poster)
Canción de arrabal
The Little Parade
Drugi czlowiek
1961 (1 poster)
The Second Man