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The Magnet
1950 (2 posters)
Nachts auf den Straßen
1952 (4 posters)
"Detour" - International
"The Mistress" - USA
Night Riders of Montana
1951 (2 posters)
Night Without Stars
1951 (1 poster)
Nacht ohne Sterne
Nous irons à Monte Carlo
1951 (2 posters)
We Will All Go to Monte Carlo
Pecos River
1951 (5 posters)
Without Risk
Prairie Roundup
1951 (4 posters)
Ridin' the Outlaw Trail
1951 (3 posters)
Defensor dos Desamparados
This Is Korea!
1951 (1 poster)
Thunder in God's Country
1951 (2 posters)
Ardil de Jogador
You Never Can Tell
1951 (1 poster)
One Never Knows
You Never Know
1952 (2 posters)
The Hawk of Wild River
1952 (2 posters)
Wyoming Roundup
1952 (2 posters)
1952 (1 poster)
Night Raiders
1952 (1 poster)
Nous sommes tous des assassins
1952 (1 poster)
Are We All Murderers?
Siamo tutti assassini
We Are All Murderers
The Story of Will Rogers
1952 (2 posters)
1952 (2 posters)
Toughest Man in Arizona
1952 (2 posters)
Der Löwe von Arizona