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Nummer 14 Johan Cruijff
1973 (1 poster)
Oh Jonathan, oh Jonathan!
1973 (1 poster)
L'oiseau rare
1973 (1 poster)
A Rare Bird
Oktoberfest! Da kann man fest...
1973 (4 posters)
Karimdan Gizli
On s'est tromp d'histoire d'amour
1974 (1 poster)
Irrtum einer Liebesgeschichte
...E il terzo giorno arriv il corvo
1973 (2 posters)
On the Third Day Arrived the Crow
1971 (2 posters)
Osceola - Die rechte Hand der Vergeltung
Palomita blanca
1973 (1 poster)
Little White Dove
Pan ni
1973 (3 posters)
Generation Gap
Panda kopanda amefuri skasu no maki
1973 (1 poster)
Panda Kopanda Rainy Day Circus
Pane e cioccolata
1973 (4 posters)

Bread and Chocolate

Par le sang des autres
1974 (1 poster)
By the Blood of Others
Pasqualino Cammarata... capitano di fregata
1974 (2 posters)
4 'zizis' dans la marine
Peng you
1974 (1 poster)
Kaseki no mori
1973 (2 posters)
The Petrified Forest
1973 (1 poster)
Plusz-mnusz egy nap
1973 (1 poster)
One Day More, One Day Less
Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye
1974 (7 posters)
Prenez la queue comme tout le monde
1973 (2 posters)
P'en igen, Amalie
1973 (3 posters)
Up and at 'Em, Amalie