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1985 (2 posters)
Grunt! The Wrestling Movie
1985 (3 posters)
Gui xin niang
1987 (2 posters)
Gwai san leung
Spiritual Love
The Phantom Bride
Heated Vengeance
1985 (3 posters)
Cambodscha Connection
Heng cai san qian wan
1987 (2 posters)
The Thirty Million Rush
L'homme aux yeux d'argent
1985 (1 poster)
Hong yun dang tou
1984 (1 poster)
Lifeline Express
Hostage Flight
1985 (1 poster)
Horas de Ang├║stia
Igor and the Lunatics
1985 (4 posters)
Kai xin gui fang shu jia
1985 (3 posters)
Happy Ghost II
Hoi sam gwai fong sue ga
Magic to Win 2
Kak molody my byli
1985 (1 poster)
How Young We Were
Juk nei ho wan
1985 (1 poster)
Lucky Diamond
Wish You Good Luck
Zhu nin hai yun
Mambr˙ se fue a la guerra
1986 (2 posters)
Mambru Went to War
Ji yung sam bo
1985 (1 poster)
Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom
Mu mien jia sha
1985 (2 posters)
Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple
Holy Robes of Shaolin
Shaolin and Wu Tang 2: Wu Tang Invasion
Murder with Mirrors
1985 (1 poster)
Agatha Christie's Murder with Mirrors
New Wave Hookers
1986 (1 poster)
Devil by the Tail
Nickel Mountain
1984 (2 posters)
Le pactole
1985 (1 poster)
Promises to Keep
1985 (1 poster)
Lupausten taakka