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Gunsmoke in Tucson
1958 (2 posters)
Never Let Go
1960 (7 posters)
Neutrón el enmascarado negro
1962 (1 poster)
L'incendio di Roma
1965 (3 posters)
Fire Over Rome
1965 (9 posters)
"Survival" - India
La ligne de démarcation
1966 (3 posters)
"The High Chaparral"
1967 (3 posters)
"High Chaparral" - USA
Sette donne per i MacGregor
1967 (4 posters)
7 Women for the MacGregors
Siete mujeres para los Mac Gregor
Up the MacGregors
Testa di sbarco per otto implacabili
1968 (2 posters)
Un tranquillo posto di campagna
1969 (3 posters)
A Quiet Place in the Country
Un coin tranquille à la campagne
Something Big
1971 (4 posters)
La course du lièvre à travers les champs
1972 (5 posters)
...and Hope to Die
La corsa della lepre attraverso i campi
Comme un boomerang
1976 (8 posters)
Il figlio del gangster
Like a Boomerang
Ich will doch nur, daß ihr mich liebt
1976 (4 posters)
I Only Want You to Love Me
The Return of Captain Nemo
1978 (5 posters)
The Amazing Captain Nemo
Game for Vultures
1979 (2 posters)
"Family Ties"
1982 (9 posters)
1987 (2 posters)
My Demon Lover
1987 (6 posters)
The Big Picture
1989 (3 posters)