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Breaking Point
1976 (2 posters)
Explosión de violencia
The Lion at World's End
1971 (1 poster)
"Christian the Lion" - USA
"The Lion That Thought He Was People"...
La ciutat cremada
1976 (1 poster)
La ciudad quemada
La ciutat cremada: Del desastre de Cu...
The Burned City
Il compromesso... erotico
1976 (1 poster)
Cosmic Princess
1976 (1 poster)
Xianggang qi an
1976 (2 posters)
The Criminals
Echoes of a Summer
1976 (1 poster)
The Last Castle
Elixiere des Teufels, Die
1976 (1 poster)
The Elixirs of the Devil
Emanuelle nera No. 2
1976 (5 posters)
Black Emanuelle 2
The New Black Emanuelle
Expose Me, Lovely
1976 (3 posters)
Apriti con amore
False Face
1977 (1 poster)
La figliastra (Storia di corna e di passione)
1976 (1 poster)
The Stepdaughter
Gui ji shuang xiong
1976 (1 poster)
The Double Crossers
Hombre que supo amar, El
1978 (1 poster)
The Man Who Knew Love
Los hombres sólo piensan en eso
1976 (1 poster)
Kenny & Company
1976 (1 poster)
Kuni Leml B'Tel Aviv
1976 (1 poster)
Kuni Lemel in Tel Aviv
Las Vegas Lady
1975 (1 poster)
Raid on Ceasars
Il letto in piazza
1978 (1 poster)
Sex Diary
1976 (3 posters)
Sweet Taste of Honey