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Dong feng yu
2010 (9 posters)
East Wind Rain
"Transporter: The Series"
2012 (10 posters)
2013 (3 posters)
Split Decision
Les gamins
2013 (11 posters)
Vergiss mein nicht
2013 (6 posters)
Forget Me Not
Force of Execution
2013 (6 posters)
Fak wai nai gai thoe
2014 (19 posters)
The Swimmers
The Man with Nine Lives
1940 (5 posters)
Behind the Door
The Flying Saucer
1950 (3 posters)
Les Barbouzes
1964 (15 posters)
Quattro spie sotto il letto
The Great Spy Chase
Shock Treatment
1964 (4 posters)
Rekopis znaleziony w Saragossie
1965 (7 posters)
Rękopis znaleziony w Saragossie
The Saragossa Manuscript
Hornets' Nest
1970 (6 posters)
"G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero"
1983 (30 posters)
"G.I. Joe: The MASS Device" - USA
"Clifford the Big Red Dog"
2000 (13 posters)
Bare Knuckles
2010 (5 posters)
Waking Sleeping Beauty
2009 (4 posters)
Persistence of Vision
Make-Out with Violence
2008 (7 posters)
Jane's Journey
2010 (10 posters)
Ice Twisters
2009 (6 posters)