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Mackintosh and T.J.
1975 (4 posters)
Las protegidas
1975 (1 poster)
Roma violenta
1975 (2 posters)
Forced Impact
The Specialist
1975 (1 poster)
The Story of Joanna
1975 (1 poster)
Die Story von Joanna
Trastienda, La
1975 (1 poster)
Back of the Store
Blood and Passion
Il vizio ha le calze nere
1975 (1 poster)
Reflections in Black
Vice Wears Black Hose
"The Glittering Prizes"
1976 (1 poster)
Alegre divorciado, El
1976 (1 poster)
Casada es mi mujer
Batida de raposas
1976 (1 poster)
Fox Hunt
Bruce Against Iron Hand
1979 (2 posters)
Da jiao tou yu sao niang zi
Iron Finger
Bruja, ms que bruja
1976 (1 poster)
Countdown at Kusini
1976 (3 posters)
Cool Red
Emmanuelle bianca e nera
1976 (6 posters)
Black Emanuelle, White Emanuelle
Passion Plantation
Goodbye, Norma Jean
1976 (2 posters)
El hombre perseguido por un O.V.N.I.
1976 (1 poster)
El hombre perseguido por un OVNI
The Man of Ganimedes
It's Showtime
1976 (1 poster)
Crazy Animals
Jim, the World's Greatest
1976 (1 poster)
Story of a Teenager
Muerte ronda a Mnica, La
1976 (2 posters)
Death Haunts Monica
Mustang Country
1976 (2 posters)
Mustang, Br und Jger