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Land of Hunted Men
1943 (2 posters)
Pardon My Gun
1942 (2 posters)
Robin Hood of the Range
1943 (1 poster)
Santa Fe Scouts
1943 (1 poster)
Suspected Person
1942 (1 poster)
Es geht um 50.000 Dollar
Service de nuit
1944 (1 poster)
Turno di notte
I misteri della giungla nera
1954 (3 posters)
Black Devils of Kali
Killers of the East
Mystery of the Black Jungle
1944 (2 posters)
Bermuda Mystery
1944 (3 posters)
Bordertown Trail
1944 (3 posters)
Una herencia de París
1944 (1 poster)
Inês de Castro
1944 (3 posters)
La reine Morte
Land of the Outlaws
1944 (2 posters)
La monja alférez
1944 (2 posters)
The Lieutenant Nun
My Best Gal
1944 (2 posters)
La mia migliore ragazza
U-Boat Prisoner
1944 (1 poster)
Dangerous Mists
Voodoo Devil Drums
1944 (1 poster)
Virgin Brides of Voodoo
The Cisco Kid in Old New Mexico
1945 (2 posters)
In Old New Mexico
The Cisco Kid Returns
1945 (3 posters)
"The Daring Adventurer" - USA
Come Out Fighting
1945 (2 posters)