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Nancy Steele Is Missing!
1937 (2 posters)
The Westland Case
1937 (5 posters)
Deadwood Dick
1940 (5 posters)
Secrets of a Model
1940 (2 posters)
Secrets of a Model School
White Eagle
1941 (5 posters)
Jack Armstrong
1947 (5 posters)
Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy
The Black Arrow
1948 (4 posters)
Alias the Champ
1949 (3 posters)
Pardon My Toe-Hold
El extraño caso del hombre y la bestia
1951 (2 posters)
El hombre y la bestia
The Man and the Beast
The Strange Case of the Man and the B...
Fort Savage Raiders
1951 (3 posters)
Roar of the Iron Horse, Rail-Blazer of the Apache Trail
1951 (8 posters)
Roar of the Iron Horse
Because of You
1952 (6 posters)
Son of Geronimo: Apache Avenger
1952 (4 posters)
Night Freight
1955 (4 posters)
It's Great to Be Young!
1956 (3 posters)
Once Upon a Horse...
1958 (3 posters)
Hot Horse
The Rawhide Trail
1958 (3 posters)
The Restless Years
1958 (5 posters)
Teach Me How to Cry
The Wonderful Years
Terrore dei mari, Il
1961 (3 posters)
Guns of the Black Witch
Terreur des mers, La
The Big Parade of Comedy
1964 (4 posters)
MGM's Big Parade of Comedy