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1970 (3 posters)
A Beautiful Place to Kill
A Quiet Place to Kill
Droga llamada Helen, Una
1971 (6 posters)
Ash Wednesday
1973 (3 posters)
1985 (5 posters)
Duet for One
1986 (2 posters)
Christa: Swedish Fly Girls
1971 (3 posters)
Frigjorte Christa
Swedish Fly Girls
Concerto per pistola solista
1970 (4 posters)
Story of a Crime
The Weekend Murders
Poulet au vinaigre
1985 (2 posters)
Lian lian feng chen
1986 (6 posters)
Dust in the Wind
Bakuto gaijin butai
1971 (2 posters)
Gambler: Foreign Opposition
Gamblers in Okinawa
Sympathy for the Underdog
Mordi e fuggi
1973 (3 posters)
Dirty Weekend
Rapt l'italienne
Silent Night, Bloody Night
1974 (10 posters)
Death House
Night of the Dark Full Moon
Escape from the Dark
1976 (3 posters)
The Littlest Horse Thieves
The Bear
1984 (1 poster)
The Gunrunner
1989 (5 posters)
O.C. and Stiggs
1985 (1 poster)
"Quo Vadis?"
1985 (5 posters)
Dudamel: Let the Children Play
2010 (6 posters)
Dudamel: El sonido de los ninos
The Legend of Hillbilly John
1974 (3 posters)
Ballad of Hillbilly John
My Name Is John
Who Fears the Devil
The Sister-in-Law
1974 (1 poster)