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Suor Omicidi
1978 (11 posters)
The Killer Nun
1987 (5 posters)
Bacon Bits
Pig Farm Massacre
Sällskapsresan 2 - Snowroller
1985 (2 posters)
Charter Trip 2
Sällskapsresan II - Snowroller
The Boys Next Door
1985 (7 posters)
Big Shots
Blind Rage
Death Takes A Holiday
Le secret
1974 (3 posters)
Il segreto
The Secret
1983 (2 posters)
Seijû gakuen
1974 (3 posters)
Convent of the Sacred Beast
School of the Holy Beast
Lovers and Other Strangers
1970 (3 posters)
La baby sitter
1975 (4 posters)
Babysitter - Un maledetto pasticcio
Das ganz große Ding
Jeune fille libre le soir
Bon plaisir, Le
1984 (2 posters)
Making the Grade
1984 (6 posters)
The Last American Preppy
1987 (3 posters)
Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincen...
"When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts"
2006 (2 posters)
La putain du roi
1990 (3 posters)
Cepo, El
1982 (2 posters)
The Icebox Murders
1986 (3 posters)
1983 (2 posters)
Güney's The Wall
Mur, Le
The Wall
Noche oscura, La
1989 (2 posters)
Nuit obscure, La
The Dark Night
The Dark Night of the Soul
L'amour violé
1978 (1 poster)
Sola ante el terror
1986 (1 poster)
Alone Against Terror