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Night of the Witches
1971 (1 poster)
Pierna creciente, falda menguante
1970 (1 poster)
Qualcosa striscia nel buio
1971 (2 posters)
Something Is Crawling in the Dark
Reverendo Colt
1970 (2 posters)
Reverend's Colt
Shango, la pistola infallibile
1970 (4 posters)
"Shango" - US
Something for Everyone
1970 (1 poster)
Black Flowers for the Bride
The Cook
The Rook
Up in the Cellar
1970 (2 posters)
Three in the Cellar
Znicz olimpijski
1970 (3 posters)
Olympic Fire
Adiós, cigüeña, adiós
1971 (3 posters)
Goodbye, Stork, Goodbye
Blanca por fuera y Rosa por dentro
1971 (1 poster)
In nome del popolo italiano
1971 (4 posters)
In the Name of the Italian People
L'occhio nel labirinto
1972 (2 posters)
Un aller simple
1971 (2 posters)
La puerta cerrada
One Way Ticket
Solo andata
Smic Smac Smoc
1971 (1 poster)
The Statue
1971 (2 posters)
1971 (2 posters)
Wild Riders
1971 (3 posters)
Angels for Kicks
Ça n'arrive qu'aux autres
1971 (1 poster)
The Alf Garnett Saga
1972 (1 poster)
Una colt in mano del diavolo
1972 (1 poster)
Colt in the Hand of the Devil