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A Walk Through H: The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist
1978 (1 poster)
La batalla de Chile: La lucha de un pueblo sin armas - Tercera parte: El poder popular
1979 (1 poster)
The Battle of Chile: Part 3
Fr-dokument 1979
1979 (1 poster)
Faro Document 1979
1979 (3 posters)
It Came from the Lake
Blinded by the Light
1980 (1 poster)
Damy priglashayut kavalerov
1981 (1 poster)
Дамы приглашают кавалеров
Dernier t
1981 (1 poster)
Last Summer
Jiu shi liu liu de ta
1980 (1 poster)
Cute Girl
Lovable You
The Million Dollar Face
1981 (1 poster)
Kiss of Gold
Running Scared
1980 (2 posters)
Back in the U.S.A.
Sinfona ertica
1980 (1 poster)
Symphonie rotique
1980 (2 posters)
Un trange voyage
1981 (1 poster)
Hono-o no gotoku
1981 (1 poster)
Flames of Blood
Gosti iz galaksije
1981 (1 poster)
Monstrum z galaxie Arkana
1981 (2 posters)
Gebroken harten
Ma femme s'appelle reviens
1982 (2 posters)
1981 (3 posters)
1981 (1 poster)
Te Gek Om Los te Lopen
1981 (1 poster)