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Fast Getaway
1991 (5 posters)
Niizuma jigoku
1975 (2 posters)
New Wife's Hell
Newlywed Hell
Kamikaze 1989
1982 (2 posters)
Kamikaze 89
Sketch Artist
1992 (4 posters)
Colors of Crime
Jitsuroku onna kanbetsusho: sei-jigoku
1975 (2 posters)
Sex Hell
True Story of a Woman in Jail: Sex Hell
True Story of Woman Condemned: Sex Hell
Nasty Habits
1977 (2 posters)
Il sole nella pelle
1971 (1 poster)
Summer Affair
La vaquilla
1985 (1 poster)
A Vitela
Xue yu
1977 (2 posters)
Along Comes a Tiger
Captain EO
1986 (2 posters)
El ataque de los muertos sin ojos
1973 (10 posters)
Return of the Evil Dead
1974 (3 posters)
Born to Kill
Gamblin' Man
Wild Drifter
The Last Run
1971 (4 posters)
Brenda Starr
1989 (9 posters)
1976 (5 posters)
Wake in Fright
1971 (14 posters)
Stroker Ace
1983 (5 posters)
Stand on It
Space Amoeba
1970 (6 posters)
Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nanka...
Kessen! Nankai no daikaijū
Supesu Amība
1971 (10 posters)
Cieco, Il
Pistolero cieco, Il
1971 (7 posters)
Malpertuis: Histoire d'une maison mau...
Malpertuis: The Legend of Doom House
The Legend of Doom House