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1988 (3 posters)
FleshEater: Revenge of the Living Dead
Revenge of the Living Zombies
Zombie Nosh
La folie douce
1994 (1 poster)
For the Moment
1993 (5 posters)
Un temps pour aimer
Gargoyles: The Heroes Awaken
1995 (1 poster)
L'histoire du garçon qui voulait qu'on l'embrasse
1994 (2 posters)
The Story of a Boy Who Wanted to Be K...
Jaguar und Regen
1994 (1 poster)
Jing wang xiong feng
1994 (2 posters)
Secret Police
The Last Tattoo
1994 (1 poster)
Az utolsó tetoválás
Lunnye psy
1994 (1 poster)
Moon Dogs
L'ours en peluche
1994 (1 poster)
L'orso di peluche
Pullman paradis
1995 (1 poster)
1994 (2 posters)
Spiando Marina
1992 (2 posters)
Foxy Lady
The Smile of the Fox
Il sogno della farfalla
1994 (1 poster)
The Butterfly's Dream
Teenage Exorcist
1994 (2 posters)
"Under the Hammer"
1993 (1 poster)
1994 (1 poster)
Águilas no cazan moscas
1994 (1 poster)
Aquile non cacciano mosche, Le
Eagles Don't Hunt Flies
1995 (5 posters)
"Und tschüss!"
1995 (1 poster)