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The Haunting of Morella
1990 (2 posters)
El hechizo de Morella
In Broad Daylight
1991 (1 poster)
Koston iltapäivä
The Lost World
1992 (7 posters)
Die verlorene Welt
"Il giovane Mussolini"
1993 (1 poster)
A Man Named Benito
Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend
1989 (1 poster)
Veneno para las hadas
1986 (2 posters)
Poison for the Fairies
Il ragazzo dal kimono d'oro
1987 (1 poster)
Fist of Power
Shonen jidai
1990 (1 poster)
Childhood Days
1972 (1 poster)
"Unsolved History"
2002 (2 posters)
Geschichte - Der Wahrheit auf der Spur
Oedipus orca
1977 (1 poster)
Peregrina de hombres
The Day of the Dolphin
1973 (14 posters)
Eyes of a Stranger
1981 (6 posters)
1970 (8 posters)
Andy Warhol's Trash
The Children
1980 (5 posters)
The Children of Ravensback
1971 (4 posters)
Oktaman - Die Bestie aus der Tiefe
Warrior of the Lost World
1983 (10 posters)
Giustiziere della terra perduta, Il
Mad Rider
Predatori dell'anno omega, I
Super Fly T.N.T.
1973 (2 posters)
The Kiss
1988 (4 posters)
Une histoire simple
1978 (13 posters)
A Simple Story
Einfache Geschichte, Eine