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Southern Carrier
1937 (2 posters)
"Courrier Sud" - France
The Game That Kills
1937 (3 posters)
Hot Water
1937 (1 poster)
The Man with the Gun
1939 (3 posters)
Chelovek s ruzhyom
The Man with the Rifle
Making the Headlines
1938 (1 poster)
The House of Mystery
The Stranger from Arizona
1938 (2 posters)
20,000 Men a Year
1939 (3 posters)
The Big Guy
1939 (2 posters)
Warden of the Big House
Am I Guilty?
1940 (3 posters)
Free Clinic
Racket Doctor
Four Shall Die
1940 (2 posters)
Condemned Men
Texas Renegades
1940 (3 posters)
Swift Justice
Buy Me That Town
1941 (4 posters)
The Great Train Robbery
1941 (2 posters)
Hit the Road
1941 (1 poster)
Paren iz nashego goroda
1942 (6 posters)
Lad from Our Town
Land of Liberty
1939 (3 posters)
Madame Spy
1942 (2 posters)
Overland Mail
1942 (5 posters)
Daimones tis Dyseos
Cowboy Commandos
1943 (2 posters)
Cow-boy kommandos
False Faces
1943 (2 posters)
The Attorney's Dilemma