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The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter
1980 (1 poster)
The Lucky Star
1980 (1 poster)
Belle étoile, La
Palermo oder Wolfsburg
1980 (2 posters)
Palermo or Wolfsburg
Platinum Paradise
1981 (2 posters)
Alansa huippuammattilaiset
Playing for Time
1980 (2 posters)
Los ritos sexuales del diablo
1982 (4 posters)
Black Candles
Sexo sangriento
1981 (1 poster)
Een tip van de sluier
1980 (1 poster)
Willie & Phil
1980 (1 poster)
Paul Mazurksy's Willie & Phil
Willie and Phil
Yo hice a Roque III
1980 (1 poster)
34-y skoryy
1981 (3 posters)
34th Express
Fire on East Train 34
Aberraciones sexuales de una mujer casada
1981 (1 poster)
Bleierne Zeit, Die
1981 (3 posters)
Marianne and Juliane
The German Sisters
Xiong zhong
1982 (2 posters)
Bruce contre-attaque
Bruce Le Fights Back
Bruce Le Strikes Back
La cameriera seduce i villeggianti
1980 (2 posters)
Die Mausefalle im Stundenhotel
Cha shou
1981 (4 posters)
Masked Avengers
Croque la vie
1981 (1 poster)
Duas Mulheres e Um Homem
1981 (3 posters)
1981 (1 poster)
The Joy of Letting Go
1976 (2 posters)
Hot Cat