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Back in the U.S.S.R.
1992 (2 posters)
Conspiración en Rusia
Le bal des casse-pieds
1992 (3 posters)
Ein Affenzirkus
Bed & Breakfast
1991 (2 posters)
Agenten leben einsam
Being at Home with Claude
1992 (1 poster)
1992 (1 poster)
Business - Das Geschäft mit der Sehns...
Bu wen sao
1992 (1 poster)
Stooges in Hong Kong
Cold Heaven
1991 (2 posters)
Le comiche 2
1991 (3 posters)
The Comics 2
The Freddie Mercury Tribute: Concert for AIDS Awareness
1992 (1 poster)
1992 (1 poster)
Daddy and the Muscle Academy
1991 (1 poster)
Daddy and the Muscle Academy: A Docum...
Después del sueño
1992 (1 poster)
After the Dream
1991 (2 posters)
Dingo - Dog of the Desert
Don Quijote de Orson Welles
1992 (4 posters)
Don Quixote
Driving Me Crazy
1991 (1 poster)
Trabbi Goes to Hollywood
Les enfants du naufrageur
1992 (1 poster)
Estación de paso, Una
1992 (1 poster)
A Passing Season
Whistle Stop
Fei hu jing ying zhi ren jian you qing
1992 (1 poster)
Fei foo jing ying ji yan gaan yau ching
The Best of Best
Final Impact
1992 (3 posters)
For Richer, for Poorer
1992 (1 poster)
Father, Son and the Mistress