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Written on: 2013-01-14 05:09:07
Everything original, nothing made with pictures downloaded from here or anywhere, even that listed like "low resolution". Yes, at least for rental shops they use low resolution images to produce posters, I don't saw yet theater posters with main image or title with low resolution.

e-mail to:

Trades? Only for: Steel(shaq O'neal), fantastic four (that with Jay Underwood).

All banners is Brasilian Versions (portuguese language)

-Resident Evil 3 (with credits and dvd logo). 70,5 X 122,5 cm
-Halloween O Início (Rob Zombie) (no credits, no dvd logo, but playarte home video). 79,5 X 150,5 cm 2banners available
-Transformers (no credits, but dvd logo, glossy print). 80 X 160 cm
-Soldado Universal 3 Regeneração (Universal Soldier 3) (with credits and Bluray, Dvd logos) 89 X 159,5 cm
-Duro De Matar 4.0 (Die Hard 4.0) (no credits, but dvd logo) 70 X 140,5 cm
-Planeta Terror (Planet Terror) (no credits, no dvd logo) 89,5 X 179,5 cm
-Persépolis (based on comic book) (no dvd logo, no credits) 80 X 149,5 cm
-O Dia Em Que A Terra Parou (The Day The Earth Stood Still - Keanu Reeves) (no credits, but dvd logo) 90 X 180 cm
-Arquivo X Eu Quero Acreditar (The X Files: I Want To Believe) (no credits, but dvd logo) 90 X 178,5 cm
-007 Quantum Of Solace (no credits,but dvd logo) 90 X 181,5 cm
-Senna (Airton Senna) (no credits, no dvd logo) 69,5 X 120,5 cm
-Alien Vs Predator 2 (no credits, but dvd logo, glossy print) 69,5 X 141 cm
-Piratas Do Caribe 3 (Pirates Of the Caribean 3) (little tear right top corner) 90 X 158 cm
-Hannibal A Origem Do Mal (Hannibal Rising) (no credits, no dvd logo) 88,5 X 180 cm
-Max Payne (no credits, but dvd logo, left one wood suport) 90 X 181,5 cm
-Número 23 (Jim Carrey) (no credits, no dvd logo) 79,5 X 150 cm
-Os Mercenários (The Expendables) (no dvd logo, with credits like a big poster!) 90 X 152,5 cm
-X-men Origins Wolverine (left one wood support,brasilian cookies promo, Bluray & Dvd Covers) 90 X 180,5 cm
-Tropa De Elite 2 (Elit Squad 2) (no credits, but dvd & Bluray logos) 90 X 178,5 cm

1940 Fantasia (rental shop, dvd release)
1988 Akira (rental shop, for dvd release)
2007 Dr. Strange (Marvel animation, rental shop)
2007 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (rental shop, theater style, low resolution)
2005 The Legend Of Zorro (rental shop, low resolution)
2005 Aeon Flux (rental shop, 2 equal posters)
2005 The Fantastic Four (rental shop, teaser theater style, 2 equal sides)
2004 Blade Trinity
2004 Alien Versus Predator (theater, 2 equal sides, folded)
2004 Saint Seya – Heaven’s Prologue (rental shop)
2002 Resident Evil
2003 Daredevil (rental shop)
2003 The Hulk (revista set)
2003 Peter Pan
2004 Tainá 2 (rental shop, low resolution)
2004 Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow (rental shop)
2004 Hellboy (theather, 2 equal sides, 2 equal posters, folded)
2004 Resident Evil Apocalypse
2004 The Punisher (rental shop, low resolution)
2004 The Punisher (theater version, 2 sides, folded)
2005 Batman Begins (rental shop)
2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
2005 The Legend Of Zorro
2005 The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl (rental shop, low resolution, for normal dvd)
2005 The Adventures Of Sharkboy And Lavagirl (theater, folded, 3d version, 2 equal sides)
2005 War Of The Worlds (rental shop, teaser 2 equal posters)
2005 War Of The Worlds (rental shop, 5 equal posters)
2005 House Of The Dead 2 (rental shop)
2005 Star Wars 3: Revenge Of The Sith (rental shop)
2006 Eragon (rental shop, low resolution)
2006 Failure To Launch (rental shop)
2006 A Scanner Darkly (rental shop)
2006 Little Miss Sunshine (rental shop)
2006 O Ano Em Que Meus Pais Saíram De Férias (rental shop)
2006 X-Men (3) The Last Stand (Teaser, Rental Shop Styler theather, 2 equal sides)
2007 30 Days Of Night 1 (rental shop)
2007 Hannibal Rising (rental shop, theater style)
2007 Ghost Rider (rental shop, title in low resolution)
2007 Show De Bola (rental shop, theater style)
2007 Tropa De Elite (Elite Squad, rental shop, high resolution inkjet print)
2007 The Number 23 (rental shop, teather style)
2007 Planet Terror (rental shop, 2 diferent sides, low resolution, theater style)
2007 Death Proof (rental shop)
2007 December Boys (rental shop)
2007 Resident Evil 3: Extintion rental shop)
2007 Spider-Man 3 (rental shop, theather style)
2007 Transformers 1 (rental shop, original inkjet print)
2007 The Golden Compass (rental shop, low resolution)
2008 Asterix At The Olympic Games (rental shop, low resolution)
2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (rental shop)
2008 The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
2008 Camp Rock (rental shop)
2008 Batman Dark Knight (rental shop, 2 diferent sides)
2008 Iron Man (rental shop)
2008 Rambo 4 (rental shop)
2008 Hellboy 2 The Golden Army (rental shop)
2008 Wanted (rental shop)
2008 The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (rental shop, 2 equal posters, low resolution)
2008 A Encarnação De Zé Do Caixão (Embodiment of Evil, Encarnação Do Demônio?, rental shop, theater style, low resolution)
2008 The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (rental shop, low resolution)
2008 10.000 BC (rental shop)
2008 Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (rental shop)
2009 New Moon (rental shop, theather style, 2 equal posters)
2009 Do Começo Ao Fim (From Beginning To End, rental shop, theater style)
2009 Halloween 2 (rental shop)
2009 Legion (rental shop, 2 equal posters)
2009 Ninja Assassin (rental shop, 2 equal posters)
2009 X-Men Origins Wolverine (rental shop, low resolution)
2009 2012 (rental shop)
2009 Solomon Kane (rental shop, thater style, low resolution)
2010 Eclipse (rental shop, low resolution)
2010 Resident Evil 4 Afterlife (rental shop)
2010 Tron Legacy (rental shop)
2010 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (rental shop, low resolution)
2010 Machete (rental shop)
2010 Devil (rental shop, teaser, theater style)
2010 Jack Ass 3D (rental shop)
2010 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife
2010 Predators (rental shop)
2010 Robin Hood (Russel Crowe, rental shop)
2010 30 Days Of Night: Dark Days (rental shop, 2 equal posters)
2010 Jonah Hex (rental shop, 2 equal posters)
2010 Red (rental shop, theather style, low resolution)
2010 Clash Of The Titans (rental shop)
2010 Iron Man 2 (rental shop)
2010 The Last Airbender (rental shop)
2010 Alice In Wonderland (rental shop, 3 equal posters, Madhater style)


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Written on: 2013-01-14 05:11:38
I forgot, short list is banners, long list is posters.

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