which is the dpi of this posters?

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Written on: 2012-12-11 23:11:50
Hi there, i m new in the site i already looked in the faq site and it doesn't say which is the resolution of this posters...
can somebody tell me if its 300 dpi or less?
thanks in advance,


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Written on: 2012-12-13 16:08:51
a) The term "resolution" alone can be ambiguous. Some people use this word for the pixel size (width x height), some people use it for the dpi value (dots or pixels per inch; or per centimeter).
b) The important figures - the pixel sizes - can be read at every poster page. Most people won't need a dpi value.

An automatic display of the dpi value (from the JPEG metadata) wouldn't be very useful anyway - there is often none or only a false (outdated) one.
If one really wants to know the dpi value and one has a certain real-life size in mind or takes the real-life size from the additional upload details (some uploaders do specify the original format like One Sheet or DIN A1 etc.), then one can quickly do the math: divide one pixel size by the size in inches (or centimeters with an additional factor). For example: An A1 poster (59.4x84.1 cm), stored in.. let's say 2119x3000px has a (vertical) dpi value of (3000/84.1)x2.54 = 91 (dpi). Now, the same digital image for an e.g. A5 size (14.8x21.0 cm) has (3000/21)x2.54 = 363 dpi. And so on.


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Written on: 2012-12-14 02:50:09
thanks for reply , yep you are right about that it can be ambiguous, i was referring about the dots x pixels per inch.
it was useful your explanation


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Written on: 2012-12-14 12:07:38

check out this article about The Myth of DPI.

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