Firefox 3.0 is ready. Downloads day!

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Written on: 2008-06-17 21:34:54
Well, I wanted to let you know that new Mozilla Firefox was ready, new 3.0 version of the possibly best internet browser nowadays. I have already installed it and well, look changes just a bit, and I still didn't prove the new possibilities, but I have time and they say they were a few

Here, the all language url: Download Mozilla Firefox 3.0. All Languages

By the way, wanted to say that they are trying to break the Guinness being the most downloaded program in one day in all internet history. Hope they do it, I think they deserve it.


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Written on: 2008-06-18 19:44:33
it's nice. but not as fast as Safari, so i'll stick with the latter.


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Written on: 2008-11-05 18:10:14
I've been using Google's Chrome for two months now, much faster than Firefox so more enjoyable for me now!


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Written on: 2008-12-23 12:28:23
I like Opera - forever!


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Written on: 2011-06-23 17:05:34

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