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Written on: 2012-09-01 14:45:16
Hello everyone,

This is a small guide on how to upload properly for new users and experienced ones that just havenít got the hang of it. The point is to make uploading more easy and also more understandable, which in turn will help with faster approval of your uploads.

Now the first thing we start with is a movie page. For the example I picked a recent and famous movie ďPrometheus (2012)Ē which has enough groups and is not too cluttered.

Now say you have found a poster from a movie and you want to upload it. Here are the steps you should follow when uploading a poster.

1. You go to the movieís page and have A GOOD LOOK at whatís already there:
1.1 See your poster there? Then >> Donít upload.
1.2 See a very similar poster there? If itís not different from your poster and is in good quality and size >> Donít upload.
1.3 My poster is not here (yay)! Then you can proceed to upload it BUT

1) Read the rules on top of the upload form (Make sure itís not a custom, a promo, a wallpaper, a fake, an upscaled poster with horrible quality etc.)
2) Read this topic > http://www.movieposterdb.com/forum/topic/595
and youíre good to go!

Now for the TECHNICAL part of an upload. Iíll use an example:

This is an average movie page:
all 1

2. Have a good look at the groups (groups contain all versions of the same poster, 1 group = 1 poster + 1 group for the logos).

2.1 If your poster is NOT from any of the groups you see then you can use the ďAddĒ button and proceed with your upload as usual. This will create a NEW GROUP for your poster and we will put all language versions of it in this group in the future. This is also shown below:
normal upload

2.2 If your poster IS from the groups shown below there is an extra step to the upload process. Instead of just hitting the Add button on the main movie page you should click on the NUMBER of the desired group:
Desired group

Now you are inside the group where YOUR POSTER should be placed. There are 2 things to notice:

1) The group number (Itís on top of every group) Ė you can use that directly to upload to the specific group, just enter it in the upload form.
2) The Add button will add the poster to this specific group now, not create a new group on the main page.
group final

And youíre done!

Also, please know that if your upload is rejected and we didnít contact you to tell you we deleted it by mistake, you should NOT REUPLOAD it again.



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Written on: 2012-09-01 15:22:49
you mean when we need to upload a poster in an already available GROUP we need to put the group ID number instead of Imdb code?


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Written on: 2012-09-01 16:51:36
No, if you click the Add button from within the group all is well. The poster will appear in the queue from this group we we wouldn't need to search for every single poster every single time.

The group number can be used alteratively. You can copy the number directly and paste it.


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Written on: 2012-09-01 17:25:04
I dont see an ADD button inside the Group of any poster.The options(buttons) which are present are "correct","favourite" and "IMDB" The only ADD button present is on the main movie poster page.
And about the second way of copy pasting the Group number, where do we paste it?


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Written on: 2012-09-01 18:32:11
Ok, this is only available to mods as it seems. I'll be talking to Martjin about making it available for everyone.

So far the Group ID can be used but you have nowhere to paste it (we have an extra pane on the upload form for groups).

Topic closed for now, will reopen later.

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