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Written on: 2012-08-11 14:22:09
Could an option be added to cancel an upload? I accidentally chose the wrong poster for a film and there's no way for me to cancel it. Hopefully it'll be rejected by the mods, but it's also annoying because it's taking up an upload spot.


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Written on: 2012-08-11 18:40:36
I second this suggestion!!


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Written on: 2012-08-25 17:33:12
I agree, it will be a useful option!


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Written on: 2012-11-03 06:36:42
So do I!


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Written on: 2012-11-11 09:55:03
Yes, we have heard you

Martijn is very busy lately but whenever he gets time he'll implement that and more Uploading posters in their respective groups too. All in good time.

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