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Written on: 2011-04-29 07:33:18
Hi all im posting this because my mom left me and my sisters this poster collection from the mid 80's to 2000ish so to let you know im flating them out getting ready to document them all then ill be ready for buyers.
ive got a realy good cross section of popular movies from that time star trek star wars dick tracy batman superman space jam i estmate about 3500 posters im sure if your into that time ill have somthing to offer you most are good to great some lots mint.
the star wars are all mint no edge damage one is 4 folded the empire stikes back the 2 different return of the jedi and rolled mint and the Revenge of the jedi is rolled mint im also going to take pics front and back for the posters after i have them all flatened any and all advice you people can offer would be great im not going for full price on all these posters but some of the more popular ones ill want a bit more than the less popular ones but youll still make a good profit dealing with me these posters were collected by my mom over her time at the theater and drive in and im sure almost 100% that these posters are orignals from the film distubter but like i said if you want one ill provide a pic front and back for you to see what your looking to buy
Please feel free to SEnd me an email with a list of what your wanting to find from the mid 80's to 2000ish also your name and email address so i can enter your info into a list of perspective buyers when i finnaly get my database compiled


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Written on: 2011-04-29 07:34:14
oooops if not wait for my database


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Written on: 2011-06-14 23:16:41
Ok im done taking pictures and documenting the large movie poster the small ones can wait a while,,, Im goning to upload all my pictures tonight or tomorrow night to my photobucket account,, im changing them from RAW format to jpg then i have to resize them so it does'nt take a week to upload.
Here's the link probibly by the end of the week or some time on the weekend I'll let you all know that im ready to start selling them off at great prices i just want most of them out of here im going to start a small collection myself
i have a datbase ready for anyone who wants to look it over please PM me with your name email and your online name as well its sooooo confusing

hopefully you see somthing you like :-)


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Written on: 2011-06-17 18:59:43
OK,,, Guys and gals I'm ready to start the sell off of the posters

Please go to my Photobucket and look over what is available here's the link

I want you to know what your buying so i will send you a more detailed photo of that poster or posters your looking at purchasing
so you know exactly what your buying.

I intend on shipping these posters to you in the same condition as you see in your photo. I'll send the posters in PVC tubes with glued end caps and plastic bags in each end of the tube to prevent glue getting on the poster . The sipping costs will be your responsibility. I will not be shipping free of charge.

Please if your intrested in anything at all make me a reasonable offer for that poster (or group of posters with price for each)
and no RESONABLE offer will be refused.

Email me (NO PM's PLEASE)at and i will take your order in order of that i receive them in.

PS. I have a Paypal account but don't know how to use it for receiving payments so if your a good teacher ill learn and accept a Paypal payment I would prefer you send a money order via the snail mail when we agree on shipping and pricing

Thank you Richard or Rick
Also Be Aware that The CANADAIN POSTAL SERVICE is on strike so this will delay shipping out of said posters unless you want them shipped fed ex or some other non postal service


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Written on: 2011-06-21 00:46:55
Hi Everyone I have to announce that i will have to HALT the sale of these posters until the CANADIAN POSTAL SERVICE is back up and running i have a lot of emails to go through so be patient it may take a while before i get to your spot in the list,,,,and not everone is looking for the same thing WHEW!!!

I will only be selling one copy of a poster per person at least that gives everyone a fighting chance to get what they want :-)

I also want to let you know how i will be shipping the posters to minimize damage or eliminate it your posters will come to you in PVC tubes with end caps glued on
plastic bags shoved in the ends and the posters them selves raped in plastic for the journey and shipped in the the way you want it done IE:fed ex, up or yes even Canada post
I do insist you pay for some of the shipping costs the tube the end caps and the shipping itself
the glue and the plastic I'll pay for those


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Written on: 2011-07-02 02:52:29
BTW the posties are going again:-)

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