whole lot of one sheets, banners, lobbycards, pressbooks and standees

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Written on: 2011-04-22 18:13:10
I have this lot For sell I want to sell in a whole lot - I ask 150 for the lot

no shipping, 'cause the size of the items, too large for post office

the lot is in liege in Belgium

here is the detail of what the lot contain :

- vinyl banner free willy
- vinyl banner jurassic park the lost world
- vinyl banner twister
- video standee twister
- video standee free willy 2
- theatrical standee vampire in Brooklyn
- mobile Jurassic park
- the day after tomorrow lenticular from standee
- one sheet SS free willy rolled
- one sheet DS miracle on 34th street rolled
- one sheet DS the quick and the dead rolled
- one sheet DS shipwrecked rolled
- one sheet SS hook rolled
- the goonies french door poster folded
- the goonies japanese poster B2
- book making of independence day (english)
- book making of jurassic park (french)
- japanese pressbook the goonies
- french pressbook mrs doubtfire
- french pressbook peter pan
- french pressbook home alone 2
- french pressbook pay it forward
- japanse pressbook free willy
- book free willy the world of killer orcas (english)
- german synopsis free willy 1
- german synopsis free willy 2
- german synopsis free willy 3
- book free willy 1( french)
- book free willy 2( french)
- book free willy 3( french)
- scholastic book free willy 1 (english)
- scholastic book free willy 2 (english)
- scholastic book free willy 3 (english)
- 8 french lobbycards jumanji
- storybook jumanji (english)
- pressbook US jumanji
- french pressbook jumanji

for contact : john.rahier@hotmail.com

here are some pics :

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