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Written on: 2010-12-26 15:24:12
Hello all =)
I do hope im posting this in the right place; i stumple upon Movie Motel by "accident" and i find the concept very interresting. The ideia itīs not new but I do love the design and the movie page layout/info.

I have been searching for a website to keep tack of my movies ( i used iMDB for voting, but thereīs really no user interface and the design itself its ugly ) and after testing several Iīm still not happy with them.

My question is this ; is there a way to get a username/pass to test the alpha stage? ( since thereīs a log in and not a register link ) ? If not, is there a place to get more info?

Thanks in advance =)


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Written on: 2010-12-26 23:43:46
I've sent you an e-mail

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